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Last update: 13/12/2019


Build Template Code with Devastation

Pick instead of
Pick instead of for more damage but less group support.


Marauder Headgear
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Shoulders
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Chest
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Gloves
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Leggings
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Boots
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Berserker Armor
+5 Power
Berserker Hammer
Superior Sigil of Force
Superior Sigil of Hydromancy / Impact
Berserker Staff
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Bloodlust
Berserker Backpiece
Berserker Accessory
Berserker Accessory
Berserker Amulet
Berserker Ring
Berserker Ring
Self use
Dragon's Breath Bun
Superior Sharpening Stones
-10% Incoming Damage, +100 Power, +70 Ferocity
As a 1200 range caster, a herald should play around and abuse its range to pressure the enemies from multiple points, while avoiding at all cost bomb areas. Scourges will be your biggest nightmare if you don’t take advantage of your range, so keep in mind, despite your inherit mobility and self-peel, you need to be mindful of your cooldowns and have the awareness of your group’s and enemy’s location. Constantly look for points of free pressure and use your mobility to its fullest making it harder for the enemy to pin you down. Your only focus is staying alive and dealing damage. Retribution over Devastation: Switching these traitlines will trade damage for more group-sustain, reducing damage taken in certain situations for yourself and applying longer Stability for you and the party. Additionally when using the Dwarf's elite skill "Rite of the Great Dwarf", you will provide additional 50% damage reduction from conditions. Only use in case of bad group sustain but not lacking group damage.
Legends Glint Despite Forceful Persistence giving you 2% extra damage for each upkeep active, this doesn’t mean you should keep them all active. On that logic, the most beneficial facets to keep up both in and out of a fight are Facet of Darkness (For party-wide fury and to take full advantage of the traits Incensed Response and Roiling Mists from Invocation) and Facet of Elements (for party-wide swiftness and general mobility). Facets and consumes: Generally always upkeep Darkness and Strength pre-fight engage, optional Elements or Light (Elements prefered when not in combat). Facet of Light’s consume: Infuse Light - Awesome to soak up damage and regeneration fully when you’re on a tough spot or while repositioning. Despite its insane potential, the skill lacks condition conversion or removal so be mindful when to use it. Facet of Darkness' consume: Gaze of Darkness - Generally used for breakstun, can also reveal 5 targets in stealth. Facet of Elements’ consume: Elemental Blast - awesome for downed AoE cleave and pressuring spots of terrain like Elementalist’s Lava Font. Facet of Strength’s consume: Burst of Strength - hitting an enemy after activating the skill provides you a 5 seconds 15% extra damage. Use it in a situation such as on a close enemy/downed to proc the damage buffer. Facet of Chaos - Facet only worth activation to cover for protection downtime, since your source of protection should be your Firebrand (eventual conversion from Scrapper and Tempest). Chaotic Release - Use it on demand of the commander or call it out on voice. Superspeed is a very good gapcloser as well as a mobility tool to kite, escape or run trough soft CC fields. It has 45 second cooldown which is almost the same as Scourges' Wells bomb. So it is almost demanding to synchronize these 2 "cooldowns". Dwarf Soothing Stone – Decent amount of heal, 5s of retaliation and removing 5 conditions from yourself. Abuse its use to cleanse conditions, since it’s your main skill for it. Inspiring Reinforcement – Due to its energy cost (30), use it only if you have 70%+ energy to provide stability to your party on blob pushes, for swiftness blasting or down-states melee cleave. Vengeful Hammers – Can be used to proc Rising Momentum for repositioning, are nice cleaving tool on downstates, in melee clash it has a downside of taking damage from retaliation. It doesn't require much energy to upkeep this skill, however it should never limit your ability to cast Rite of the Great Dwarf. Forced Engagement – Decent single target cc. Use it to pick off isolated players, taunting them into you for your group to burst them off. Rite of the Great Dwarf – Self-stun break + party-wide 50% damage reduction. Use it on enemy engage and following bombs to soak up pressure from you and your party and to avoid any party member getting bursted inside of a bubble. Since its radius is 600 range from your location, you need to be relatively close to your group to ensure you provide them with the skill. Shiro Enchanted Daggers - Heals you for a small amount on cast then gives you 6 spikes around. These are projectiles which will strike your foe, deal damage and steal life. Use it to boost your damage. Riposting Shadows - Is your extra, on demand, long dodge and movement ability. Use it to simply reposition or escape an attack. It additionally cleanses immobilise, chill and cripple. Phase Traversal - Is not really useful in blobfights, however if you are very careful, you can use it as a gap closer. It also gives you quickness and 2 unblockable attacks. Impossible Odds - Is a very good repositioning skill, however it drains your energy very quickly, so be careful with the usage. Jade Winds - Can be used to stun enemies on walls and around you. It also deals moderate amount of damage, however it has a very small radius. Weapons Hammer This weapons should be your main focus weapon for damage. Abuse its range and short cooldowns to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy and pressuring multiple points of terrain to your group’s advantage. Your damage should consist of: 50% from Coalescence of Ruin 25% from Phase Smash 10% from Drop the Hammer 5% from Hammer Bolt Hammer Bolt - Use your auto attacks when you know you won't get reflected and as a filler. Coalescence of Ruin - Utilize whenever available. Abuse the range for maximum damage. Phase Smash - Utilize whenever available, coordinating it with commander and other Heralds makes it really strong. Phase Smash with Hydromancy sigil - This sigil makes your phase smash hit harder every legend swap on demand. When your Phase Smash lands damage, instantly swap legend to proc the sigil on the smash location. Think properly about the current fight situation, if you're heavly pressured it might not be worth swapping legend and having 10 seconds cooldown on it. Being alive is more important than some extra damage. Field of the Mists - Utilize only when there is projectile pressure. Not worth using it in any other situation. Drop the Hammer - Utilize when you might get some knockdowns, best situation is when corruptions are happening from Spellbreakers' bubbles, Scourges' Shades and Wells spike. Really strong to cast it on enemy range classes which are off the main group to pressure them and create some extra downstate or secure kills. Staff Staff should be mainly used to reposition or escape a lethal blow, proc the energy sigil swapping from hammer to staff. Cleave from staff is very good, however your hammer spikes are still stronger. Rapid Swipe -> Forceful Bash -> Rejuvenating Assault - Use your autoattacks to deal moderate amount of damage in melee cleave or to finish off downstates when in melee range. Mender's Rebuke - Use it as a huge melee spike as well as a small heal for your allies. Warding Rift - Use it to mitigate damage when you have not enough resources or to save them. Renewing Wave - Use it to cleanse and for a small heal. It is also a blast finisher which makes it very useful on regroups. Surge of the Mists - Interrupt on melee pushes. It also deals good amount of damage and repositions you while evading attacks. Very good tool to keep up with melee train while CC'ing. Draconic Echo, Facet of Nature upkeep If you are using Draconic Echo you can upkeep both Glint and Dwarf F2s. However releasing them in the correct moment is the key. Release Glint F2 when your party has a lot of boons to reapply them for 2 seconds and to help out the 10 people with boon duration. Release Dwarf F2 as a filler Stability. Remember that upkeeping this F2 lowers the damage your allies take. Shiro F2 isn't very useful, however if there is a melee on your face you can use it to strip additional boons and deal damage. Mallyx F2 upkeeping is something that will load you up with conditions from allies and simply kill you, if you don't get cleansed or have Resistance. So keep in mind that using this skill on a power Herald is not a very good option. Releasing mallyx F2 will transfer conditions on you to nearby foes. However with Draconic Echo you keep the effect of dragging boons from allies for next 6 seconds, so be very careful. Melee Herald and Caster Herald The main difference between the two builds is that Retribution trades damage for group support and damage mitigation. Both builds are completely viable and both have very different playstyle. Melee herald You are a support damage dealer. Your damage is very high for the amount of utility your class has. You should aim to stay on the tag, max 600 range away to get all the boons. You will be surprised how much you are able to survive with full berserker gear with this setup when played correctly. Caster herald You are playing a self sustainy build made purely for damage and fury uptime. Your goal is to kill enemies from safe spots near your tag and support it with spike damage and constant pressure on your enemy. Both Shiro and Dwarf are good second legends. With Dwarf you can follow your tag much easier and closer and basically become melee rev with way more damage and small amount of group support. General tips Can’t get tired of saying this so here it goes again: Abuse your range. You deal more damage from doing it and you’re generally safer because most classes can’t hit you and you have more room to peel from enemy pushes. Your focus is doing damage and you should coordinate your won skills with other range classes for more impactful bombs and having multiple pressure points along the fight, keeping the enemy group from pushing Keep in mind that switching legends stun breaks. Be aggressive. Your kit is built for you to go in and out of a fight easily as long as you have the awareness of your cooldowns and energy %.