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Last update: 13/12/2019


Build Template Code with Staff

Build Template Code without Staff

Pick instead of in case of not using Staff for additional damage on shade spike or to clenase soft CC on F5 proc.


Marauder Headgear
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Shoulders
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Chest
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Gloves
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Leggings
Superior Rune of the Scholar
Marauder Boots
Superior Rune of the Scholar
+5 Power
Berserker Scepter
Superior Sigil of Energy
Berserker Focus
Superior Sigil of Force
Berserker Staff
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Force
Valkyrie Backpiece
Cavalier Accessory
Cavalier Accessory
Berserker Amulet
Berserker Ring
Berserker Ring
Self use
Dragon's Breath Bun
Superior Sharpening Stones
-10% Incoming Damage, +100 Power, +70 Ferocity
Due to a change on the shade mechanic, once you have ANY F1 Manifest Sand Shade charges in use anywhere on the map, your F2 to F5 skills will only apply on the shade AoE and no longer on yourself. WIth this update you will be a lot more reliable to your supports in party to survive however when necessary you can replace the shade on yourself in case of melee combat. With the current iteration of Sand Savant, you are able to hit 10 targets on 900 range, making it even more mandatory than before. The Death Magic traitline update is irrelevant, still not usable just like since launch pretty much.
The above can be combined in several ways, I will list some of the more common ways: - Small bomb/pressure/spike: Manifest Shade -> Devouring Darkness and Nefarious Favor (you can F2-F5 during casting other skills, such as Devouring Darkness) + Sand Cascade (F3, extra damage and barrier). - Big bomb/pressure/spike: Well of Corruption and Well of Suffering, replace Manifest Sand Shade and go for a full bomb with the other shades (Nefarious Favor, Sand Cascade and Desert Shroud) and try to keep Garish Pillar for last, in case of people getting ressed, this way you can fear and torment the reviver. - If you are melee engaging and the situation allows in place Ghastly Breach. In case you have Sand Swell instead of Well of Suffering you can portal inside/behind them and cast it as they backpedal/push and then port back. - Use Devouring Darkness in combination with any of these bombs, try to prioritize this skill since it corrupts the most boons, using it on the enemy melee train is the most effective. - Use Unholy Feast in combination with any of these bombs as soon as you switch weapons and utilise Ghastly Claws on a pressured target or off group (example: a downstate or an elementarist on the side). - Try to combine corrupts as much as possible, more corrupts at the same time makes them weaker but it can also prevent them from pushing you, making the fight become stall and pirateship-ish. WEAPON SKILLS TIPS: Scepter tips: - Use #1 on anyone in range, gives annoying conditions to be cleansed. - Use #2 as AoE damage, so in combination with any of the shade spikes, it does considerable amount of damage and cripples the people trying to exit your bomb. - Use #3 whenever in range and whenever you can combine it with your corrupt spikes on their melee train. Click for referance Dagger tips: - Save #4 for cleanse, keep in mind it can get reflected, blocked and dodged though (and generally has bad line of sight). - Use #5 in combination with Devouring Darkness, you will have to precast it where the enemy is about to go because of the cast time and animation to land on the ground. Axe tips: - Use #1 on anyone in range, giving them vulnerability for extra damage. - Use #2 on low targets in range, especially with Lesser Spinal Shivers proccing you can 100-0 other low-armor classes in 1.5 sec - Use #3 when in range in combination with small or big bomb. Torch tips: - Use #4 as additional damage when spiking in 600 range, good to make downstates get extra damage and die faster. - Use #5 when focussing a single target, if used while on a bomb and the target doesn't have breakstun it is gonna go downstate for sure. Additional: Focus tips: - Use #4 as general damage (can be blocked, dodged and reflected and has line of sight). - Use #5 on a target to deal a good damage to it and remove his boons. UTILITY SKILLS TIPS: - Use Sand Flare in hard engages to give your party barrier and corrupt 1 boon as additional annoyance for the enemy (not always reccomanded but good party support). Click for referance. - Use your Wells when the commander asks for a Well Bomb or a Big spike or something similar, don't use them for small pressure. - Use Trail of Anguish when CC'd and in a dangerous situation im which care, if you didn't use it, you would go downstate and/or die. Click for referance. - Use Ghastly Breach behind them if they're backpedaling or on your group if they are pushing you. You can combine it with Sand Swell as stated above. GENERAL TIPS: - Barrier removes conditions from yourself and party members, if you see someone low and with conditions you can use Sand Flare on the person and f3 to cleanse conditions. Click for referance. - If you are in melee range and ran out of F1 charges it's not too bad to use the shade skills without a F1 casted, less effective but still good.