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Last update 23/12/2018




Optional Trait in case of running Staff Instead of:


Minstrel Double Sword-Focus + Shield

Optional weapon

Minstrel Staff instead of Shield


Full Minstrel + Superior Runes of Durability


Minstrel trinkets


+5 Healing Power


Due to the change of Signet of Inspiration in the latest patch you no longer need concentration since it elongates the duration of your allies boons by 5s (regardless of boon duration) instead of copying your boons to them. The recharge time of Mimic is now uninfluenced by Continuum Split, so if you are coordinating a portal bomb, then you have to remember than you can no longer triple blink. Tides of Time has also been nerfed, as since the start of Heart of Thorns until this recent patch, each wave of Shield5 could strike foes multiple times (allowing you to stun-lock or remove multiple stability stacks). Tides of Time now strikes a foe once per wave.
TRAITLINES AND TRAITS CHAOS Chaos focuses on improving defense and the application of boons and conditions. Baseline traits: Metaphysical Rejuvenation: Gain regeneration when your health falls below the 75% threshold. This provides a buffer for your health. Illusionary Membrane: Gain protection when you gain regeneration. This synergises well with the latter trait as they both share the same recharge. Chaotic Persistence: Outgoing boon and condition duration increase by 2% for every unique boon on you. So, if you have five boons, then you gain 10% condition duration and boon duration to yourself and allies, which after the nerfs to chrono still should not be underestimated. It is important to note that with the changes to mesmers, that this no longer influences the boon duration of Signet of Inspiration. Minor traits: Descent into Madness: Take less damage from falling and cast Lesser Chaos Storm when you take falling damage or use a heal skill. If you're not running any manipulation skills, then this should be your second pick, as lesser chaos storm can grant allies standing in the AoE useful boons like aegis, retaliation, or swiftness, whilst inflicting weakness, poison, daze, or chill enemies. The trait does have a long cooldown, and the boons and conditions you apply are random and completely at the hands of RNG. Illusionary Defense: Gain 2% stacking damage reduction whenever you summon an illusion. The 2% damage reduction is almost useless as the support chrono build doesn't nearly produce illusions to a respectable output compared to other builds. Master of Manipulation (pick): This trait reduces the recharge on manipulation skills (e.g. Illusion of Life), and grants you a 2s mirror that reflects projectiles. Dropping the cooldown of Illusion of life by 20% is huge, as it cuts the skill recharge from 75s to 60s, which allows you to use it more often in fights. It is also useful for when you are coordinating portal bombs if you want to blink behind or near enemies, as the reflect mitigates projectile damage for you. Major traits: Auspicious Anguish (pick): When disabled, instantly recharge Distortion if it is not recharged, and gain protection, vigor, or regen. This allows you to freely use distort on your initial push as any incoming hard CC will refresh your distortion, allowing it to be used again when you actually need to go invulnerable. Chaotic Transference: Gain condition damage based on your toughness. Gain expertise based on your concentration. This is a useless pick for support chrono. Chaotic Dampening: Chaos armor grants protection. Staff and trident skills gain reduced recharge. Since the boonshare nerf to mesmers, staff isn't a viable pick for group play since you are no longer able to share the protection and regen you get from staff4 immediately to your allies. In the event you decide to play staff over shield, then still pick Auspicious Anguish over this trait as it can save you from getting killed. Grandmaster traits: Chaotic Interruption: Interrupting a foe immobilizes and inflicts a random condition on them, and grants you might and a random boon. This trait has a 3s internal cooldown (ICD) that prevents you from spamming interrupts and immobilizing foes. Whilst it may seem strong in a group setting, it can also underperform due to the abundance of stability in fights. Furthermore, support chronomancers don't have low cooldown skills to get interrupts - focus4, shield5, F3, and Gravity Well are pretty much all you have, each one being over 25s cool down. Prismatic Understanding: Gain increased stealth duration from mesmer skills. This is great if you're “Veil 1” and can switch your grandmaster trait immediately after you place your veil to provide allies passing through 3s of stealth instead of 2. If you are Veil 2 or need to focus, then don't even think about picking this trait. Bountiful Disillusionment (pick): Gain stability for 1s and an additional boon when you use a Shatter skill. Prior to the current patch, you were able to share the boons from your shatter to your party, allowing you to provide might, vigor, fury, and regen to party members just from shattering. However, since Arenanet thought this was too strong, it has since been nerfed and now only provides boons to yourself. The stability from shatters have a base duration of 1s compared to its PvE counterpart of 5s, so you should try to shatter if you anticipate a hard CC and have no stability, or to get boons back on yourself. This trait also synergizes well with Chaotic Persistence, in that it extends your boon duration. INSPIRATION Inspiration focuses on healing, condition cleanse and improving phantasms. Baseline traits: Mender's Purity: Cast Lesser Power Cleanse when you use a healing skill. When you use a heal skill, you remove one condition from yourself and five nearby allies (240 radius, so it's pretty small; about the size of a well). The 1s cooldown of this trait synergizes deftly with Mantra of recovery, because of its two charges and low cooldown. This trait intrinsically helps you and your party members to deal with some condition pressure. Inspiring Distortion: Grant aegis to nearby allies whenever you give yourself distortion. As you're very likely to use distortion when you are under heavy pressure from enemies, granting a five-man aegis helps nearby allies. This trait also procs with Blurred Inscriptions. Healing Prism: Gain healing power based on a portion of your power (13% of power is converted into healing power), and heal nearby allies when you heal yourself. The recharge of healing prism synchronizes well with the recharge and casts of Mantra of Recovery. Minor traits: Medic's Feedback: Cast feedback while reviving an ally. Your revival speed is increased by 10%. Whilst this trait might seem useful, it is quite risky to use for a chronomancer as you don't have stun breaks or ability to sustain pressure whilst reviving an ally. You're better off with taking Restorative Mantras. Restorative Mantras (Pick): Heal allies around you when you finish preparing a mantra. This trait allies you to provide moderate healing at the end of charging a mantra. This is best in slot compared to the competing traits because of the sustain you are able to provide when healing yourself and allies in a fight. Sympathetic Visage: Phantasms take your conditions when they are first summoned. This is a selfish trait that does nothing to support your party, and since phantasms can't be produced with low cooldowns, this trait is a useless pick. Major traits: Warden's Feedback: This trait allows focus skills to reflect projectiles and reduces recharge on focus weapon skills by 20%. This might be a good trait to use if your party has an abundance of condition clear, as shorter cooldowns of focus skills means you're able to pull at opportunistic moments. However, since Alacrity is already part of the chronomancer build, focus cooldowns should not be an issue if you learn how to manage alacrity uptime. Restorative Illusions (pick): Heal yourself and lose a condition when you use a shatter skill. The immediate self-healing and condition cleanse from shatters allows you to manage your conditions without having to rely on other classes. The healing you provide to yourself also activates Healing Prism, so nearby allies are healed for a bit. Protected Phantasms: Phantasms spawn with aegis. This is a troll trait so ignore this. Grandmaster traits: Mental Defense: Cast Lesser Phantasmal Defender on your attacker when you successfully block or evade an attack. This is a useless pick in zergs. By the time your phantasm is summoned, it's already dead due to the ambient AoE damage there is in fights. There was a bug where multiple blocks from Shield4 spawned multiple Phantasmal Defenders at one point in time, but it has probably been patched by now. The cool down of this skill is too long to do anything constructive with it in a group setting. Illusionary Inspiration: Summoning an illusion heals everyone around you. The healing potency of this skill is questionable, even if you end up picking staff over shield for more illusion spam. Although somewhat usable, I’d avoid this. Blurred Inscriptions (pick): Signets have improved active effects, and activating one grants you distortion. This is the go-to trait, and gives chronomancers a lot of value in a fight. It allows your Signet of Inspiration (SoI) to affect ten allies. So, activating SoI now increases existing boon duration on ten allies by 5s. This trait can be gold or garbage depending on how you use it. You'll ideally want to use this after stacking buffs or in the middle of a fight to extend the duration of important boons like resistance, protection, etc. to help your team. You will have to watch your party boons and coordinate its use with opportune timings. The free distortion on signet use is an added bonus, but don’t use it for yourself unless it’s your last resort of surviving a spike. CHRONOMANCER The elite specialization for mesmer that focuses on well skills and alacrity. It allows us to use a shield and grants the Continuum Split shatter skill. Baseline traits: Time Splitter: Gain access to Continuum Split/Shift, which allows you to revert to an earlier point in time. When it expires, you will revert back to this point with your previous health, endurance and skill recharges. The duration of CS increases per illusion you had before its use. You'll want to prioritise this skill for Gravity Wells > Illusion of Life. Using CS also grants you resistance from the Bountiful Disillusionment chaos trait. Flow of Time: Gain alacrity for each clone you shatter. This is very useful and allows you to recharge your skills faster. Time Marches On: You move 25% faster, and the duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%. 25% move speed even without swiftness is a lot for a frontline class, and reducing the recharge of cripple, chill, and immobilize (essentially the conditions that slow/lock your movement down, ultimately getting you killed) makes this a really useful baseline trait. Minor traits: Delayed Reactions (pick): Interrupting a foe slows them and grants you alacrity. This is by far the best in slot for group gameplay, as interrupts inflict slow (a trash condition) and grants you alacrity. It goes nicely and chimes well with the hard CCs you have in your kit. Time Catches Up: Activating a shatter gives your illusions superspeed. Shatters deal 10% increased damage to movement-impaired foes. Whilst it may be strong in a roaming scenario, it is useless compared to the latter trait. All's Well That Ends Well: Wells heal allies when they end. The only well you have is Gravity Well, so this trait is useless as well. Major traits: Danger Time: Gain 30% additional critical-hit chance against slowed enemies. Critical hits deal 10% additional damage to slowed enemies. This is a PvE-oriented offensive trait that isn't cut out for support chrono. Illusionary Reversion: Shatter skills generate a clone if you have 3 clones present. Not for group gameplay as your build cannot produced and keep up multiple clones. Furthermore, clones are quickly destroyed by ambient damage. Improved Alacrity (pick): Alacrity applied to you is stronger but has a reduced duration. This is best in slot without a question. Alacrity recharges your skills 50% faster (compared to 25% without this trait), at the cost of -33% boon duration of alacrity to yourself. This trait will massively reduce the cooldown of all your skills in a fight. Grandmaster traits: Lost Time: Cast Lost Time when you disable a foe. This is an interesting pick for power chrono in a roaming setting, but has no place in a group gameplay, especially when you hardly crit. Seize the Moment (pick): Gain quickness for each clone you shatter. On demand quickness on shatter means a lot for a chronomancer. This allows us to fastcast focus pulls. gravity wells and other skills that have otherwise long cast times, like mantra of recovery. This trait has a lot for offensive and defensive gameplay. Chronophantasma: The first time a phantasm would become a clone, it instead resummons itself and attacks again. This trait has no place in group gameplay. GEARS This is a guide for support chronomancer, which means we need to gear with armor that provides us with: Toughness: To withstand direct power damage. Vitality: To increase max health and better withstand burst and condition damage. Healing Power: To improve healing on self and allies. Concentration: To make boons applied to self or allies last longer. These stats are exactly what Minstrel gears give us. WEAPONS Your primary weapons should be sword, focus, shield, and staff. Torch is optional, but you should carry one if you are coordinating a portal bomb or want to blast a smoke or fire field pre-engage. Sword + Focus are a must for chronomancers as the pull is partly what makes chronomancers threatening, as pulling enemies from 1500 range into Uganda and closer to your group could initiate a good or bad fight for both sides. Similarly, pulling escaping enemies back into winds with Temporal Curtain lowers their chances of survival. Shield or staff should be the second weapon set a chronomancer should take, depending on preference. Shield has extremely strong pressure in close quarters, like fighting inside towers, keeps, etc. However, with the recent chrono nerf patch Tides of Time can no longer hit the same target multiple times - The stun only hits once per path now, which is a huge nerf compared to how it could stun lock players when bouncing the shield off walls/structures in the past. Staff is more oriented for mobility and pirate shipping, and has even less use now since the nerf patch to boon share mesmers; prior to this, you sould staff4 to give yourself protection and regen to share immediately to party members after they have been corrupted or stripped by winds. Since your weapons aren't meant for damage but rather CC'ing, we don't take offensive stats and so we equip ourselves with Minstrel weapons. RUNES Durability Runes: They are the best runes option currently for support chronomancer. The tankiness you gain from the additional health, toughness, and boon duration alongside AoE protection, regen, and resistance proc probably doesn't seem like much, but it adds a layer of tankiness to yourself and allies in the middle of a fight. SIGILS As a frontline support, your survival is imperative, as it's your job to support the frontline with CCs, cleaves, cleanses, and a little bit of healing. For this reason, we will be taking: Sigil of Energy: 50% endurance on weapon swap to dodge allows you to negate damage and CCs. Sigil of Frenzy: 2s cooldown on every skill after killing an enemy (10s icd) allows you to get your skills off cooldown faster. Whilst you can go for other sigils, like transference, life, and renewal, the overall build isn't built around providing healing. Absorption used to be a great pick for shield, but since you can't boonshare anymore and given its 3s ICD, it might still be a viable option, but it's up to the chronomancer's preference. INFUSIONS Healing infusions: You don't benefit from concentration any more, and extra toughness/vitality doesn't really do much either. FOODS AND ENHANCEMENTS Given the abundance of food options, there are a few picks that help your gameplay a lot: Plate of Mussels Gnashblade: probably the best in slot for frontline chrono. 10% damage reduction along with ~5% boon duration. Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew: 40% endurance regeneration is no joke for a frontline party. Go with this if you can't afford to make the above. For enhancements: Magnanimous Maintenance Oil: This will provide you a lot of boon duration, which is great for maintaining boons on yourself. Peppermint Oil: if you can't afford the above. Healing foods and enhancements are also an option, but after the recent mesmer changes, chrono cannot burst heal allies to a respectable amount unlike Firebrands, Ventari Revenants, and Scrappers. Leave the healing to the classes that are quipped to heal. That wraps it up for gearing, onto skill explanation. SKILLS We will start with enhancements we will be using the majority of the time. HEALING SKILL Mantra of Recovery: 10s cooldown. 2.5s charge time. Meditate, charging a spell (Power Return) that will instantly heal you when activated. Heal yourself when this skill fully charges. Power Return: 1s cooldown. 2 charges. Receive increased healing if you are below 50% health. The best healing skill for chronomancers in WvW simply because it provides decent AoE healing and can cleanse 1 condition for every use; once on mantra charge, and twice more from each mantra use (Power return). You get the most self-value out of Power return when you use it below 50%, which can be risky. If your party requires condition cleanses, then consume your charges; your heals have a 10s cool down after all. ELITE SKILL Gravity Well: 90s cooldown. Create a powerful well that warps space in an area, knocking down, floating, and pulling foes caught inside. Foes inside the well take heavy damage when it expires. This is one of the strongest AoE hard CCs a chronomancer has in their arsenal. Always try to Continuum split (CS) your Gravity Wells so you can use it twice in a fight, due to its 90s cooldown. Aim to fast cast Gravity Wells with quickness from shatters, and try to CS in the after cast in case you have to cancel the well placement (via weapon stow) or you get interrupted in the pre-cast - which would otherwise force you to end CS without casting gravity well. Advanced plays would comprise of you summoning a clone from sword3 and setting up your Gravity Well so you have enough time to cast one more skill, like Signet of Inspiration, to get maximum use of your skills. Aim to coordinate Gravity Wells with pulls inside warrior winds to trap foes inside. Good well placements can change the way a fight goes very quickly. MAIN UTILITY SKILLS Veil: Create a wall that grants stealth to you and your allies. One of the strongest assets of having a chrono aside from the hard CCs and boon extension in a group is their ability to stealth, which breaks enemy targeting from enemies. Commander focus is fairly common against some servers as they have the "focus the leader" mentality, where killing the commander disperses the zerg, making it easier to kill everyone. Try to drop veils as close to the commander when they call it (unless they want it at a specified location) and rotate veils if there are more than one chrono present in the zerg. It is common to continuum split veil for double veils or use mimic if chronos are lacking in squad. If you are engaging and more than 1200-1500 range away from the enemy, you can swap your last chaos trait to Prismatic Understanding, which will provide 3s of stealth instead of 2s. Just remember to change back to Bountiful Disillusionment after you have placed your veil. If veils aren't required you can swap it out for another group utility. Illusion of Life: Gives allies Illusion of Life at the target location, allowing them to get up from downed state and keep fighting. Fully revives allies if they kill a foe. This utility allows up to a total of 3 downed allied players to get up and keep fighting for 15s. If the downed player(s) manages to kill an enemy then they are fully revived. This skill can be cast from a 1200 range and has a 240 radius (size of a well). Prioritise saving your commander if you see them getting focused or go down, but also don't be shy to res players who are in need of support if they go down and call it. The more players you have fighting, the higher the chances of your team winning. Do not cast this on an ally who is being MI’d by a Firebrand, or any allies who you can revive easily. It has 1200 range for a reason, to rescue players who are unapproachable and down from a distance. Signet of Inspiration: Extends the duration of all boons on nearby allies by 5s. Prior to this patch, this was what made chronomancers a valuable staple to any group comp; the ability to copy-paste your boons onto 10 allies in the middle of a fight or pre-stacking for arcane weavers and DPS classes alike allowed for some really strong initial spikes on pushes. However, the recent nerf to SoI has limited its use so it only extends existing boons on allies for 5s. This means that you will have to watch your party boons whenever you decide to use the signet. Given how abundant boon strips and corrupts are in fights, it is important to know when you can and cannot use the SoI active. Examples of good use would be using SoI on a Firebrand's resistance field for 5s extra resistance for allies in the middle of a fight, or when your team is stacking to buff and engage with the enemy - do note that SoI does extends the length of a 25 might stack by 5s as well. Use it how you see fit for group gameplay. OPTIONAL UTILITY SKILLS Optional utilities are situational and as such, you should know what they can bring for group gameplay: Null Field: Create AoE field that rips boons from foes and cures conditions on allies. Does your group need a budget AoE pulsing condition cleanse and boon strip? Null fields should be used offensively as much as possible as it provides zoning and boon ripping. If you find yourself under heavy condition pressure, this also helps you and your allies, and provides an ethereal combo field to give chaos armor via leaps and blasts. Do not place this when and where a commander asks for a water field. Mantra of Resolve: Meditate, charging a spell that will cure conditions for you and nearby allies. Remove all conditions when this skill is fully charged. This is the best condition cleanse utility a chronomancer can have. Charging it removes 13 conditions from yourself, and each charge subsequently removes 3 from yourself and any allies around you (target cap: 5). Feedback: Create a dome around your foes that reflects projectiles. Find yourself pirate shipping a lot? Don't see any fire brand reflects? Want to tag a lot of enemies pirate shipping the gate you're hiding behind? You could use this, but it honestly doesn't do much now since firebrands can do a much better job at consistent reflects than any class can. Mantra of Concentration: Meditate, charging a spell that will break stuns and grant stability to nearby allies. Does your 50-man squad only have one firebrand? Don't worry! You're now the poor man's Firebrand, providing second rate budget stability with this skill. The stun break is only for yourself of course, so don't forget to give your party the 3 stacks of 5-6s stability they need when engaging. Since the stab doesn't last long, be aware of when you use it. The self-stun break still applies when you're trapped inside an enemy bubble or gravity well, so it's essentially a get out of jail free card for you, but please use this in the best interests of your party. You wouldn't want to take this otherwise if you have a firebrand in your party as it's their job to give you stability. Mimic: The next utility skill you use has significantly reduced recharge, and Mimic's recharge is increased by the original recharge of the affected skill. Prior to its nerf, you were able to triple or even quadruple cast skills like veil, SoI, and blink to pull of some unbelievable plays - like triple veil all by yourself, stacking every boon in the game for 20-24s (which inevitably got corrupted on initial engage), and setting up near-max range portal bombs. However, Arenanet didn't approve of this so the current mimic only allows you to use a skill twice - even inside Continuum Split. This skill isn't worth it anymore unless you’re thinking of using this with blink to set up a portal bomb. Portal Entre: Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal. Remember the old days of a 50-man portal bomb? Well, Arenanet didn't like that so they nerfed it to 20 man, and more recently, they changed it so Portals only last for 30s. WEAPON SKILLS SWORD Sword is the best main hand weapon you can take as a support, given its ability to quickly engage/disengage from fights, boonstrip, and provide some evades. 1 – Mind Slash: The AA chain mainly inflicts vulnerability, which is a trash condition, however the final strike in the chain rips one boon off enemies, making this a powerful pick for a frontline support class. 2 – Blurred Frenzy: Root yourself and evade all attacks for 1s whilst striking the area in front of you multiple (eight) times. Moving will cancel the channeling of the skill, put your skill on full cooldown, and cancels your attack including the evade frames from the blue effect. You can use this to bait some spikes, or simply to evade inside one with a follow-up distortion or dodge. 3 – Illusionary Leap/Swap: Summon a clone that leaps at your target, crippling them. You can swap locations with your clone to immobilize nearby foes. Do not underestimate this skill. the 600 radius cast range and 3 target immobilize for 2s is what can get the enemy killed if you are able to root foes in spikes from your team. You can use this to summon a clone on demand for a one clone CS so you can cast Gravity Well and an additional skill. Be clever with how you use this. FOCUS Focus is a mandatory weapon in group gameplay simply because of the 5-man AoE pull it provides from Temporal Curtain. 4 – Temporal Curtain/Into the Void: Create a wall of energy that grants swiftness to allies who cross it and cripples foes who touch it. Shatter your Temporal Curtain, pulling nearby enemies toward its position. This is a very powerful engage skill as it allows you to engage from 1500 range - You can place the initial curtain 900 range from your location, and activate the curtain twice to pull enemies within 600 range of the curtain. This allows for strong pre-emptive engages, as catching a few enemies without stability pre-engage forces them to waste dodges, stun breaks, and other skills that they would need otherwise to survive. However, how you use Temporal Curtain will always be situational; for example, when allied Winds of Disenchantment have been placed at a location of engage, which is when your focus pulls have the most value, as you will be able to pull enemies into them. Time this with a well-placed gravity well and you're golden. 5 – Phantasmal Warden: Create a phantasm that throws axes at nearby targets and creates a defensive bubble, protecting itself and allies from projectiles. Don't use this offensively, even though it has a strong base damage. Use it on an enemy near a downed ally to protect them from projectile damage whilst you or another support can try to res. SHIELD Shield is a strong offensive and defensive pick for your second weapon set. It offers, alacrity and stuns, whilst providing protection to yourself and nearby allies. 4 – Echo of Memory: Block incoming attacks for a short duration. If this skill fully channels, summon a phantasm that slows enemies and grants protection to allies. If an attack is blocked, this skill can be used again within 10s. This is a lifesaver in a melee-heavy fight and can save you from power spikes. Use this when pushing through enemy damage or when you are pressured. 5 – Tides of Time: Launch a wave of temporal energy that damages and stops enemies it passes through and buffs allies. The wave then returns to you. Touching the returning wave reduces the recharge of this skill by 10s. Tides used to be so strong in group gameplay as the wave you launch has no target cap, and the shield stun could proc on the same target multiple times, effectively stun-locking them or removing a lot of stability stacks at once. However, this was nerfed in the recent patch and your wave will only affect an enemy target once per wave, rather than multiple times like the old tides, or Revenant's Staff5 knockback. This nerf has hit chrono pretty hard, but shield is still strong in close quarters. Try to bounce tides off structures to get a double stun lock on targets whenever possible. You can also use this skill defensively if you or allies need alacrity. STAFF Staff is your long-ranged weapon that is mainly for defense. It has great mobility and can provide yourself defensive boons, however after the recent change to mesmer, where you can no longer share boons from yourself onto allies, it has lost quite some value. 1 – Winds of Chaos: bounce a slow-moving projectile between foes and allies, granting random boons to allies and applying random conditions to foes. 2 – Phase Retreat: Teleport away from your target, summoning a clone that casts Winds of Chaos. You can use this even whilst you're immobilised or hard CC'd. For this reason, Staff mesmers have better survivability, but don't pressure hard as shield users. 3 – Phantasmal Warlock: Summon two illusions that deal damage and inflict vulnerability. Pretty trash in a group gameplay. Use this to cleave downed enemies. 4 - Chaos Armor: Apply a random condition to nearby foes and gain chaos armor. Chaos armor gives you random boons and your foe random conditions whenever you are struck. These random conditions go a long way, as they include weakness, confusion, and cripple. Weakness is a very underrated skill, and cripple is what cuts players from their zerg. Piror to SoI changes, you could take Chaotic Dampening (Chaos Trait) to give on demand protection to boon share to 10 allies. However, this is no longer possible. 5 - Chaos Storm: Create a magical storm at the target location that applies random conditions to foes and boons to allies. Place this for area denial as it can either daze or apply chill, poisoned, or weakness on enemies. Since this is also a chaos field, you can staff2 or sword3 through it to give yourself chaos armour to aid in the application of trash conditions to enemies damaging you. So that's it for the meta support chrono weapons and their skills. Torch does get an honorable mention if you use it to blast smoke or fire fields to stack stealth or might pre-engage. You should be cautious when, if ever, you decide to use this to portal bomb, as the torch4 cast can put you in combat and impede movement speed, whilst the actual blast/burn damage can reveal you if you manage to hit anyone. Weapons such as scepter, great sword, etc. don't perform well in a group context as they are usually single target damage, or don't offer much in terms of pressure and survivability. SHATTERS Shatter is the primary profession mechanic of mesmers. There are four shatter skills, all of which are instant-cast, have different cooldowns, and do not interrupt any action that the mesmer is performing. Shatter skills are more powerful the more illusions the mesmer had active; for instance, Distortion will last longer for each shattered illusion (Shatter skills also occur at your location). Let's go through each, taking into account how our chosen traits affect each. From Bountiful Disillusionment (BD), we get a base 1s stab from using any shatter skill, in addition to an additonal boon. From Restorative Illusions, our shatters also heal us for a small amount and cleanses a condition. Seize the Moment provides us with quickness (in addition to alacrity) for each shatter we execute. F1 - Mind Wrack: Provides us with 3 might and is our go-to shatter for on-demand quickness to fast cast long cast skills like Illusion of Life, Mantra of Recovery, Gravity Well, etc. F2 - Cry of Frustration: Provides us with vigor so we have 50% more endurance regeneration to dodge through enemy bombs/pressure. F3 - Diversion: Provides us with Fury. You can use this to interrupt long cast times or heals if you know your target doesn't have stability, otherwise use it as a baclup condition cleanse for yourself, despite its long cooldown. F4 - Distortion: Evade all attacks for 1s, increasing in duration for each clone you have. Your distortions innately provide aegis for 5 allies so don't be afraid to use this immediately when pushing an enemy, as this skill gets reset once you get disabled, ultimately refreshing your distortion off cooldown. You can use this to secure stomp enemies as well. F5 - Continuum Split/Shift: Destroy all your clones and create a rift in the space-time continuum. When it expires, you will revert back to this point with your previous health, endurance and skill recharges. Duration increases per illusion shattered. If your rift is destroyed whilst you are still inside CS, the casted skills will not be refreshed and you lose the ability to back. It has a base 3k hp per illusion shattered and considered a structure (meaning it cannot be crit on), so avoid using this in enemy bombs if you plan to place a gravity well - seems simple enough. One more important thing to note is that if you go down whilst inside CS, the skill will fail and you will remain downed, so end it if you think you will go down. Save this skill primarily for gravity well; illusion of life, veils, and other long cooldown skills are also acceptable uses for CS. Just be clever with how you use it. So that wraps Support Chronomancer in WvW.
TEMPORAL CURTAIN One of the most important aspects of playing a chronomancer in WvW after the recent patch changes is knowing where and when to place your temporal curtain. With proper placement you can catch a lot of unsuspecting enemies off walls, and from the enemy stack. Don’t forget that you have the potential to pull enemies from 1500 range away from their stack, and closer to your team. When to use focus pulls depends on you watching enemy boons and debuffs, as you’ll want to know if the target(s) you’re pulling have stability or are affected by winds, since there is absolutely no point pulling a target who has stability. As such, the best times to use focus pulls are at the beginning of engages, usually before Stab1, so classes that rely on others for stab can be pulled closer to your team; If the enemy is too close then presume they have stability and save your focus pull for when your warriors drop winds on the enemy stack. You’ll want to pull enemies escaping winds back into the winds with your focus pull, but be aware of their dodge animations – wait for their dodge roll to finish before pulling them in. Make sure you have quickness when you pull as a fast pull doesn’t give enemies time to react to the curtain. If there are no winds, then try to pull enemies into well bombs or the location where a spike is called for. VEIL Place veils where your commander asks you for it, or place it close to the head of the squad when pushing to stealth your squad and remove enemy targeting. Sort out who is Veil 1 and Veil 2 in your squad. Prior to engaging you can trait Veil 1 with Prismatic Understanding (Chaos trait) to give your veil a 3s stealth instead of 2s, and switch your trait back to Bountiful Disillusionment (BD) after the veil has been placed. ILLUSION OF LIFE Illusion of Life is a game changing skill. At first, it may be tricky to use if you’re still new to chrono, as you’ll need a good judgement of when and when not to use it. If a firebrand is able to Merciful Intervention (MI) a down and get them up then avoid using it. If it is unsafe for a firebrand to get the downs up, e.g. we have three downed allies in an enemy wind, then absolutely use your Illusion of Life to get them up. Whether they make it out or not is up to them and the support they get. In special circumstances you might want to Continuum Split your Illusion of Life to help get downed players up. If you happen to Illusion your commander, let them know, since this skill will keep them up for 15s before downing them unless they kill and rally off an enemy. SIGNET OF INSPIRATION Many of you reading this probably have read about the recent patch changes that have deleted boonshare mesmer from the game. With Signet of Inspiration (SoI) no longer sharing the boons from the chronomancer to allies, chronomancers now have to watch party boons before using the SoI active. You’ll want to use its active under certain conditions. For example, when your allies are buffing up pre-engage, so you’re able to prolong existing boons on ten allies for 5s. Whilst this might not seem like much, 5s of important boons like protection, 25 might, fury, and others have a lot of impact at the beginning of a fight. In the middle of a fight, you should be aware of your party boons and be mindful of some of the conditions affecting allies. For example, if you see a resistance field dropped in the middle of a fight from your side and you can see your party members being affected by a lot of conditions, then activate your SoI, as 5s of resistance is really powerful against conditions like cripple, chill, and immobilize, which are the conditions that end up killing people most of the time. Similarly, if you notice protection being applied by your firebrand to your party after pushing through the enemy spike (e.g. Winds, corrupt wells, etc.), don’t be afraid to use your SoI, as protection is the most powerful boon in the current meta where some power classes Heralds can one-shot squishier builds. The distortion you get from activating SoI also grants aegis to five allies, and can mitigate a lot of damage for you if you time its active properly. Because it has a 1s cast time, you’ll want to make sure you cast it whilst having quickness, which can be obtained from any shatter – Mind wrack (F1) is perfect for this because of its low cooldown. GRAVITY WELL Always try to Continuum Split (CS) your gravity wells in its after cast, since if you use CS during its pre-cast and get interrupted, then your CS is entirely wasted and you won’t be able to cast two Gravity Wells. This will take some practice and experience, but once you’ve learnt how to execute it, you can reliably place two Gravity wells whenever you want. Due to having a very long cooldown of 90s, you want your Gravity Well to have proper placement and value. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can follow up a focus pull inside a warrior’s Winds with Gravity Well if you manage to catch a few players to lock them down inside the Winds so your team can finish them off. You can also place Gravity Wells on the enemy stack when they push through your team to catch any enemy back-liners that have to push through as well to catch up to their commander, as they’re likely to run out of stability – this gives gravity well a lot of value in close quarters and bridges where enemies are forced through tight spaces. To avoid placing wells where enemies have moved out of, simply stow your weapon to cancel its casting animation. Be clever with where and when you use this as you’re able to CC-lock targets without Stability and Stun breaks.