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Last update: 13/12/2019


Build Template Code with Virtues

Build Template Code with Valor

Optional Valor instead of Virtues (read guide)


Minstrel Headgear
Superior Rune of the Monk
Minstrel Shoulder
Superior Rune of the Monk
Minstrel Chest
Superior Rune of the Monk
Minstrel Gloves
Superior Rune of the Monk
Minstrel Leggings
Superior Rune of the Monk
Minstrel Boots
Superior Rune of the Monk
+5 Healing Power
Minstrel Mace
Superior Sigil of Energy
Minstrel Shield
Superior Sigil of Transferance
Minstrel Staff
Superior Sigil of Energy
Superior Sigil of Transferance / Life
Minstrel Backpiece
Minstrel Accessory
Minstrel Accessory
Minstrel Amulet
Minstrel Ring
Minstrel Ring
Self use
Delicious Rice Ball
Bountiful Maintenance Oil
+10% Outgoing Healing, +100 Healing Power, +70 Concentration
After last balance patch three days ago, it is time to update the Firebrand build. There aren't any big changes to firebrand gameplay right now, however with the recent buffs to tempests and scrappers we can make some changes to improve the support and utility we give to our group. What has changed: Since the previous to the lastest balance patch, our Stand Your Ground now affects 10 people, which is a change made for PvE, however we can get a good use of it. Our first stab basically doubled its effect. Legendary Lore & Stalwart Speed: Legendary Lore was our go-to pick in Major Firebrand traits, because of its boon uptime. As i said before, with more and more Tempests, Scrappers and even Heralds playing Draconic Echo trait, we dont really need Legendary Lore anymore. The protection uptime is very good and the regeneration gets taken over by Tempests usually anyway. I’ve decided to give Stalwart Speed a try, found out its pretty good, found out people really like the trait and decided that it should be our go-to now. Stalwart Speed pros and cons: Pros: Great synergy with the 10 man Stab buff. When you use stability, you grant quickness to 10 people. This can occur every 4th icd of the trait. I am sure you will get at least small bit of alacrity during a fight, so your stability cooldown goes less than 30 seconds, which lines up perfectly with the ICD rotation, if you are on point. Great reapplication potential. Every stab or aegis you grant to allies empowers then with quickness. So your elite mantra, heal mantra, shield 4, mace 3, Courage pop, Courage 5, Courage 2 and even the disable from Retaliatory Subconscious from Virtues traitline. Cons: 7 second ICD. This used to be lower in the beggining of PoF, however the trait is still so much valuable. You can just set up a clock in your head and every 7 seconds pop aegis or grant stab to allies. Kinda forces us to go Mace/Shield. Mace #3 balances the protection loss from not using Legendary Lore and gives us +1 reapplication possibility. Shield #4, basically same as mace 3, however has less protection uptime, but reapplies aegis again.
TRAITLINES AND TRAITS HONOR Honor has overal good synergy with Firebrandis kit. Baseline traits: Vigorous Precision: Doesn't have a huge impact, however extra vigor is always nice. Theres a posibility for 100% uptime, however due to other sources of vigor, i is not really necessary to think about this too much. Also huge downside is that its personal only. Selfless Daring: Used to be one of the biggest sources of healing of guardians pre-pof. Still its a very strong healing trait, considering it has a 5 people target cap and is (almost) instant. This trait itself has 1.0 healing power scaling. However it has 240 radius, which is not the worst, but not so godtier, in the end we get it for free and thats important. Purity of Body: Has the exact same synergy with virtues traitline we use as its written. 15% endurance regeneration bonus at all times (later on that in Virtues). Minor traits: Invigorated Bulwark (pick): It has good synergy with mace overal but the most important thing is the active proc. You can easily maintain 5 stacks during the fight and that should be your goal. 25% outgoing healing is actually the biggest outgoing healing boost you can get on firebrand and the numbers are INSANE. Firebrand has a lot of blocks mainly coming from aegis, but also from mace skill 3, which you can use as a filler just to keep the trait up. Protective Reviver: Used to be our go to trait pre-pof and in my opinion is still a very strong trait for fast resses. Also the boons you apply to the ressed person, the cc and small heal it provides. Protector's Impact: Has no place in a non roaming scenario. Major traits: Honorable Staff: Used to be go-to pre-pof. Doesnt have a lot of value at the moment because we have more than enough concentration and simply the 20% staff skill cd isnt worth it. For example, picking this trait would make our Line of Warding (staff 5) have 24 sec cd, which would line up perfectly with f5 from shadespike, however line is not that strong cc and is very easy to avoid. Might from Empower (staff 4) already has 18 second duration, which means around 2 seconds downtime on 12 stacks of might. Also our boon duration is fixed by what sigils we pick. Pure of Heart (pick): Also the reason we don't pick Honorable Staff. As said before, we have a lot of aegis application skills and Pure of Heart has no icd or target limit. Remember that healing from aegis on other players is multiplied by your increased outgoing healing effectiveness. To use this trait correctly and get 100% out of it is very difficult, but training makes you better at things. My tip here is: DO NOT OVERLAP AEGIS ON YOUR ALLIES. Spamming aegis granting skills on allies is nice, but to get 100% out of this trait, you want the aegis to proc. Aegis proc means healing and damage mitigation. Empowering might: 1 sec icd, also in comparison to other traits, its pve tier. Do. Not. Look. At. This. Trait. Grandmaster traits: Pure of Voicee: Used to be our go-to trait pre-pof because of stability rotations in 2-guardian parties. Not very valuable, since we have a lot of other stability sources as well as condition cleanse. Also we don't play shouts. (duh) Writ of Persistence: Makes your symbols heal a bit. Has literally 0 value. If you are not in a symbol, you are not getting healed, also the heal is equal to almost 1/3 of your regeneration tick. Bully people that play this trait. Force of Will (pick): 1% more outgoing healing per 100 vitality. Thats 19% outgoing healing effectiveness right there. Not saying +300 vitality is very begginer friendly and makes you a lot tankier, it also stacks with the outgoing healing increase. VIRTUES Tomes = Virtues. Enchants your tome pops as well as tome skills. Baseline traits: Inspired Virtue: 5 target boon-share within 1200 radius. I would say most value has the protection on Tome of Courage. Inspired Virtue gets triggered once you pop one of your tomes. Virtue of Retribution: Grants us retaliation, buffs the duration of retaliation. Very nice offensive buff. Power of the Virtuous: This is a huge baseline trait, the damage itself doesnt really matter. However 15% cd reduction on our tomes is just increasing our tome potential. Minor traits: Unscathed Contender: we are not a dps class, we ignore this trait in a non roaming scenario. Retaliatory Subconscious (pick): Does exactly what it says, grants us retal and aegis when disabled. (Stun, daze, etc.) The only problem is it has 30 sec icd, however that doesnt really matter, because its still better than the other two traits. GO-TO. Master of Consecrations: used to be our go-to talent pre-pof, because of purging flames/wall of reflection. At the moment, we don't use any Consecration skill which makes this trait worthless. Major traits: Virtous Solace: 75sec internal cooldown, small heal, and procs below 25% health. Just ignore this. Absolute Resolution (pick): Makes your Virtue of Resolve passive healing 25% stronger and makes your Tome of Resolve pop cleanse 3 conditions on 5 targets within 600 radius. Glacial Heart: Is a hammer specific trait, not interesting for non roaming scenario. Grandmaster traits: Permeating Wrath: Again, we aren't a dps class. Ignore this. Battle Presence (pick): Has biggest value at the moment. Makes your Virtue of Resolve passive healing heal your allies around you in a 600 radius. Target cap is 5. Priority are your party members. Go-to trait. Indomitable Courage: Used to be our go-to trait pre-pof. 3 stacks of stability, AoE stunbreak. 600 radius on 5 targets. However not very valuable at the moment, since we have a lot of other sources of stability and Battle Presence healing is just much better. Tip: if you somehow have 2 firebrands in 1 party, one of you can pick this trait for extra utility. FIREBRAND Elite specialization which we pick because of its big heals, party boons and survivability. Baseline traits: Purity of Word: Basically turns your virtues into tomes and gives you ability to use mantras. Swift Scholar: Almost on demand personal quickness boost. You can use this proc for a quick empower after stowing a tome or just casting certain skills in tomes faster. I will explain usage of this trait later. Imbued Haste: Great synergy with Swift Scholar, however not very strong if you're playing in a group that doesnt have access to quickness. (no mesmer) However don't forget that slow condition converts to quickness aswell. Minor traits: Unrelenting Criticism: Axe specific trait, might have some use in smaller scale scenarios, however the only benefit is the daze from initial symbol strike. Anyway, do not pick this trait. Liberators Vow: Might be interesting for smaller scale again, however its offensive and it has 8 sec icd. So no-go. Archivist of Whispers (pick): Grants your tomes 3 more pages to 8 total. Go-to. Utility wise outscales other traits. This is too big to not pick. Major traits: READ LATEST PATCH NOTES FOR MORE INFOS Weighty Terms: Offensive trait. Not for us. Also 10 sec icd. Stalwart Speed (pick): Used to have 5 sec icd, which was pretty strong and made your damage flow much faster, however since it got nerfed by 60% and is as said before -offensive-, we do not pick this trait. Legendary Lore: Biggest tome buff ever. Helps your courage tome with protection uptime. Helps your resolve tome with regeneration uptime. This gives every skill in your tomes additional effect. The burning duration increase is nice ofc, but its not really necessary. It would be our go-to even if the justice tome buff wasnt there. Use this wisely however, because spamming more than X amount of skills disables the protection/regeneration granting for a short duration. Grandmaster traits: Stoic Demeaor: Interesting for roaming. Quickfire: Is an offensive trait. We don't pick this. Loremaster (pick): Reduced recharge on tome skills. 33% is a lot. This also enables our Virtue of Resolve passive healing effect as well as all its bonuses. (15% endurance regen) So that wraps it up for the traits. There is a variant to substitute virtues with Valor, however thats a very selfish build that might be interesting for begginers somehow, but it doesnt synergise with other traits. Traits in Valor would be Smiters boon for personal condition cleanse, Strength in numbers for the extra toughness, Altruistic Healing for a huge self healing potential. THIS VARIANT IS NOT AS GROUP SUPPORTIVE AS VIRTUES VARIANT! AS A COMMANDER YOU MIGHT CONSIDER TAKING 2ND FIREBRAND INTO YOUR PARTY AND RUN VALOR IF YOU FEEL TO MUCH PRESSURE ON YOUR FACE! GEARS This is a guide for full support firebrand which means we need to gear with armor that provides us: Healing Power: More powerfull heals Boon Duration: Boons lasting longer Toughness: Tankiness to survive spike damage Vitality: Against conditions pressure that can't be cleansed and to make our Force of Will stronger. Thats exactly what Minstrel gears give us. WEAPONS You should get yourself a Staff, Mace, Axe, Shield, Greatsword and Hammer. Every weapon has its utility. Ask your commander what he wants you to use. So we equip ourselves with full Minstrel gear. Thats the simple part. RUNES So most common and the strongest rune in terms of party support and healing balance is going to be Monk Rune. Gives us Boon Duration, Healing power and 10% outgoing healing effectiveness and another up to 10% outgoing healing effectiveness. If you don't have Ascalonian Tears to buy monk runes, Water runes will do for the moment. However you should aim to get monk runes asap. If you are a begginer and you are still learning the class (as in you actually have no clue what to press) go with Durability runes for extra self tankiness. However they are not popular that much anymore, since the amount of healing Monk Runes provides is just way better. SIGILS On both weapon sets you need to get an Energy Sigil. Remember that stowing a tome also procs the Energy Sigil, so the icd might not be up once you swap weapons. Icd of most sigils with on weapon swap effects is 9 seconds – full weapon swap cooldown. As second sigil there are 4 options: 1. Concentration sigil: Boon duration is increased by 10% permanently. (Which is „meh“ in comparison to the one we had before) 2. Transference sigil: 10% more outgoing healing effectiveness. It basically makes your heals even stronger. Since the recent concentration sigil nerf, this is our go-to sigil at the moment. 3. Life sigil: Grants you +10 healing power every kill up to 25 stacks (250 healing power). 4. Benevolence sigil: Increases 0.5% healing effectiveness every kill up to 25 stacks (12,5% effectiveness). This is different than healing power. INFUSIONS Healing infusions: All you can. 90 healing power outscales the 0.9% outgoing healing effectiveness from Force of Will if you would think about taking vitality infusions. FOODS AND ENHANCEMENTS Some people think food and enhancement is just a small boost to class effectiveness. Thats party true, because some stats have less value than others. However its a buff and it should be used 24/7. On Firebrand, we pick food and enhancement buffs that are far more valuable than any other food is. There would be some options for guys that are unable to get certain food buffs or enhancements buffs. "A-tier“ GROUP HEALING SUPPORT: Delicious Rice Balls: 100 healing power, 10% outgoing healing effectiveness. Bountiful Maintenance oil: Outgoing Healing effectiveness increase. This scales with Rice Ball flat amount aswell. – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT UTILITY BUFF!!!!! Defensive food: Bowl of Curry Mussel Soup: -10% power damage, -5% conditions damage. Oysters with Pesto Sauce: might be interesting if you are doing well on conditions cleanses or enemy group runs power heavy. Optional food: Plate of Mussels Gnashblade Magnanimous Maintenance Oil This option would cap you at 70% boon duration. Problem with this boon duration set up is the healing power loss. And thats why this sucks. Please do not run this exact food and enhancement. That wraps it up for gearing, lets move onto skill explanation. SKILLS We will start with utilities we will be using at 99% of the time. HEALING SKILL Mantra of Solace: 30 second cooldown. 3 charges, 12 sec recharge. Grants aegis to allies hit on use. Healing mantra is the strongest healing skill in my opinion. Do not spam the mantra on 1 target. Aegis heals you and allies. Rather wait for the aegis pop if you can afford it to get the extra heal. Avoid using 3rd charge unless you really need to use it to save someones life. ELITE SKILL Mantra of Liberation: 40 second cooldown. 3 charges, 25 sec recharge. This is one of your stability sources but you should save the charges as a breakstun option for yourself and your party members. First 2 charges give 1 stack, last gives 5 stacks for longer duration. The important part about this mantra is that it breaks stuns for you and allies nearby. Utilise the third charge of the mantra only in case you are about to die or someone from party is, you don't want to have the elite mantra un full cooldown. Consider the stacks of stability as an additional bonus, use the mantra as a breakstun to save yourself and other people. UTILITY SKILLS Mantra of Lore: 25 second cooldown. 3 charges, 12 sec recharge. This is your out of tome on demand conditions cleanse and regeneration. First 2 charges removes 2 conditions, last charge CONVERTS 5 conditions into boons. Since there are a lot of conditions and boons corrupts/removal in the game right now, try to keep the mantra as long as possible without recharging. However do not hesitate to press the last charge if you are in great danger. Merciful Intervention: 40 second cooldown. 20% revive percentage. However, outgoing healing effectiveness increases these 20%, so you can instares someone who goes down when buffed enough with 1 MI. Should be saved for fast and safe resses. Do not forget about its healing flat amount. Selfcasting MI can result in a huge 7k heal on non-downed allies preventing them falling down. Stand Your Ground: Our good old stability. 30 second cooldown, 9,5 sec duration w/o concentration sigil proc. Also a self stunbreak. These are the main utilities you should be using on a firebrand. WEAPON SKILLS Every weapon has its own pros and cons in different scenarios. If you are starting from scratch, id recommend getting a Staff and Mace/Shield first, since this should be our most used „combo“ of weapons. STAFF 1 – Bolt of Wrath: Recently got changed to range, deals no significant amount of damage. Decent for tagging bags. 2 – Holy Strike: Has 4 pulses on 5 targets. Heals for a significant amount. 8 second cooldown. Use on cooldown. Use mostly for healing on allies. Also its a blast, which can help us in blasting waters etc. However most of the times you are going to see "Area cleanse condition“, because of the light combo fields. 3 – Symbol of Swiftness: Our main source of swiftness, use on cooldown or on commanders call. Can help you keeping up your monk rune proc. 4 – Empower: 12 might stacks to 5 allies aswell as pretty huge heal. The only downside to this is that you are unable to move during the cast. Should be used on commanders call, however noones gonna rip off your head if you empower in a safe spot. 5 – Line of Warding (Line): Our long range cc skill. Hits 10 targets. Interrupts on crossing or removes 1 stability stack from the enemy. Use it on commander's call for Line/CC. Aim to interrupt enemies out of position/backline if you are not synced with the commander's line. MACE Mace is a defensive main hand option. 1 – True Strike: Chain takes very long, however 3rd attack heals for a bit. Use wisely on melee cleave on downs for some extra sustain etc. 2 – Symbol of Faith: Just like Symbol of Swiftness, this time applies regeneration instead of swiftness, used for monk rune uptime, granting regeneration on regroups, has a small cleave potential. 3 – Protectors Strike: Decent damage burst. Grants us and allies protection and aegis. Procs on enemy attack towards you. SHIELD Our only viable offhand option for our build. 4 – Shield of Judgement: Applies aegis and protection in a cone in front of you to you and 4 allies. Deals a small amount of damage. Should be use on cooldown with main focus on giving protection and aegis to allies. 5 – Shield of Absorption: Destroys projectiles during casting. Knocks back enemies or strips a stack of stability. The pop skill heals for a small amount, however has huge aoe and is instant. Mainly use as a filler. AXE Axe is our aggressive main hand option. 1 – Core Cleave: Causes conditions to enemies hit, has a good cleave potential, since third strike in AA chain hits like a truck. 2 – Symbol of Vengeance: Very decent cleave potential, applies cripple to enemies. Should be dropped on enemy downed players to create some pressure. 3 – Blazing Edge: A 600 range pull on 3 targets in a cone in front of you. Very strong in terms of CC. Should be used while melee engaging stabless enemies or catching a focused target. HAMMER Hammer is currently the least played weapon, because of the small amount of group support the weapon has and because of very small amount of melee engagements in the current meta. 1 – Hammer Swing: Again, third AA in the chain drops a symbol that applies protection to allies, however takes forever to cast. Use wisely. 2 – Mighty Blow: Used to be our melee spike skill. It can still hit pretty hard considering we are full minstrel. It is a blast. Use it on cooldown. 3 – Zealots Embrace (Immobilize): Our immobility source. Fires a projectile that immobilizes enemies in front of you in up to 1200 range. However the projectile can be reflected, so watch out for reflects. 4 – Banish: Is our single target downstate cc. Used to be main downstate finishing skill earlier. 5 – Ring of Warding (Ring): Name speaks for itself. Casts a ring below your feet. CCs up to 10 targets. However you need to go very melee on your enemies to be able to catch someone. GREATSWORD Second least played weapon, I personally like greatsword a lot, because of the possibility of leaping and pulling enemy range. Also its fun. However greatsword has no support potential and should be mostly used for tagging bags while farming enemy. (Actually pretty good at it.) 1 – Strike: Third attack applies up to 3 stacks of might, depends on how many enemies you’ve hit. 2 – Whirling Wrath: Spin around. 7 Hits. Don’t cast on living enemy melee train. You are going to kill yourself because of retaliation. Tag the bags though. GODLIKE cleave. 3 – Leap of Faith: DO NOT LEAP INTO ENEMY BOMB. Leap into enemys backline. But rather just don’t leap. Unless the commander calls for it. You can use it as a mobility skill to catch up to your melee, if you fell behind. 4 – Symbol of Wrath: Retaliation source, some cleave potential here. Drop on downs. 5 – Binding Blade: The only reason id play greatsword is 3-5 combo. This pulls up to 5 enemies towards you. Great for cleaning up backline. So thats it for weapons and their skills. Honestly in the current meta the most viable option is Mace Shield/Staff. You should be running this 99% of the time. More in gameplay section. TOMES Believe me or not, we are spending way too much time in tomes during fight. Some of the tome skills are incredibly good, some of them just suck. (jk theyre all pretty decent) TOME OF JUSTICE Offensive oriented tome. Use for tagging dead enemy or to cc. 1 – Chapter 1: Searing Spell: Applies burning, deals nice amount of damage in a cone in front of you. 600 range. Basically improved our old staff 1. 2 – Chapter 2: Igniting Burst: Applies weakness and burning in a small radius around you. Deals small amount of damage. 3 – Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke (Pull): Is our mid range pull. 900 range. Good thing is that it has a pretty decent aoe. Use to CC enemies on commanders call, otherwise call out that you are pulling yourself. 4 – Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath: Applies bleeding and burning in a middle radius around you. Deals some damage. Use mainly to tag bags. Also its a fire field. 5 – Epilogue: Ashes of the Just (Ashes): Grats you and allies a buff that makes your next 3 attacks burn the enemy. Allies with this buff apply the burning stacks that count as your own damage, which means its very good for tagging bags. Should be used on cooldown. (if you ever stay in fire tome longer than first cast) TOME OF RESOLVE Healing oriented tome. 1 – Chapter 1: Desert Bloom: Heals you and 4 other allies in a cone in front of you within 600 range. Reliable source of quick healing. 2 – Chapter 2: Radiant Recovery: Cleanses 2 conditions, heals for the amount of conditions cleansed around you. Has a small radius, so keep in mind that this is rather casted mostly in melee. 3 – Chapter 3: Azure Sun: Works same way as Justice Tomes 3rd skill, however Azure Sun doesnt pull. Instead it grants vigor, regen and swiftness to allies hit. Wouldnt recommend casting too often. 4 – Chapter 4: Shining River: Our waterfield. Heals for a good amount within large area and grants us swiftness. Use on regroups. 5 – Epilogue: Eternal Oasis: Converts 5 conditions on you and 4 nearby allies within 600 radius. Our major condition cleanse/conversion. Also grants us 20% increased healing effectiveness. Should be used on cooldown, however do not waste it on allies without conditions. TOME OUF COURAGE Boons oriented tome. 1 – Chapter 1: Unflinching Charge: Grants 1 stack of stability and swiftness. 600 range, cone in front, just as other #1 skills in tomes. Avoid using, unless you/your allies really need fast stability. 2 – Chapter 2: Daring Challenge: Grants aegis and taunts enemies. Reliable source of aegis on melee pushes due to fast casttime aswell as pressure from the cc and small amount of damage. 3 – Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark (Reflect): Creates a small bubble that reflects projectiles to enemies. Use while being pressured by range. 4 – Chapter 4: Stalwart Stand (Resistance): Our only source of resistence, however very reliable, because of the huge radius. Also stunbreaks you. Use while moving to ignore movement speed reduction conditions (cripple and chill) and to remove some condition pressure from you and allies. 5 – Epilogue: Unbroken Lines (Toughness): Grants temporal toughness buff to you and allies as well as granting Protection, Stability and Retaliation. 600 radius. Use whenever available off cooldown. Remember that every tome skill has its own benefit from Legendary Lore trait. The burning duration on Justice doesnt really matter, however Regeneration on Resolve and Protection on Courage helps a lot as additional buff. Keep in mind that this has a hidden icd after few casts, so spamming skills in Courage until you are dried out wont get you most Protection uptime. Also remember that Tomes are currently our strongest part of the kit, so use them wisely and do not waste them out. So that wraps it up for the whole trait, equip and skill explanation, lets move onto the How to play section.
REDDIT POST HERE - Credits to u/Imetheus. Calculation of how much Merciful Intervention (MI) heals downed players. MI heals downstate players in two parts: 20% of their downed health plus the skill's normal healing effect. Outgoing healing modifiers affect both of these components, however, healing power only scales with the latter. CALCULATION FORMULA Amount MI will heal a downstate player = [(mechanic-specific base heal + healing power * mechanic-specific coefficient) * (1 + sum of healing multipliers)] + [(3 * profession base health * 0.2 * (1+ sum of healing multipliers)] Percentage of ally health bar restored = (amount MI will heal a downstate player) / (3 * profession base health) * 100 DATA Mechanic-specific base heal for MI is (40 + Level^2 * 0.36) Small Healthpool is 11645 for Guardian, Thief, and Elementalist. Medium Healthpool is 15922 for Revenant, Engineer, Ranger, and Mesmer. Large Healthpool is 19212 for Warrior and Necromancer.
Benevolence Sigil Data
1537Healing Power
0.20Monk Runes
0.10Delicious Rice Ball
0.10Superior Transference Sigil
0.25Invigorated Bulwark
0.20Force of Will
0.138Bountiful Maintenance Oil
0.125Benevolence Sigil
-0.33Allied Poison
Life Sigil Data
1787Healing Power
0.20Monk Runes
0.10Delicious Rice Ball
0.10Superior Transference Sigil
0.25Invigorated Bulwark
0.20Force of Will
0.153Bountiful Maintenance Oil
-0.33Allied Poison
If downed player is not poisoned
Using BenevolenceUsing Life
SMALL = 66.7%SMALL = 64.8%
MEDIUM = 60.1%MEDIUM = 58.1%
LARGE = 57.1%LARGE = 55%
If downed player is poisoned
Using BenevolenceUsing Life
SMALL = 56.3%SMALL = 54.1%
MEDIUM = 50.7%MEDIUM = 48.6%
LARGE = 48.1%LARGE = 46%
RESULTS P2: Complete calculations
Benevolence Sigil
[(40 + 80^2 * 0.36) + 1537 * 1.1) * (1 + 1.113)] + [(3 * profession base health * 0.2 * (1+ 1.113)] =
SMALL: (1.2678)(11645) + 8525.3 = 23288.823288.8/34935 * 100 = 66.7%
MEDIUM: (1.2678)(15922) + 8525.3 = 28711.228711.2/47766 * 100 = 60.1%
LARGE: (1.2678)(19212) + 8525.3 = 32882.332882.3/57636 * 100 = 57.1%
[(40 + 80^2 * 0.36) + 1537 * 1.1) * (1 + 0.783)] + [(3 * profession base health * 0.2 * (1+ 0.783)] =
SMALL: (1.0698)(11645) + 7193.9 = 19651.719651.7/34935 * 100 = 56.3%
MEDIUM: (1.0698)(15922) + 7193.9 = 24227.324227.3/47766 * 100 = 50.7%
LARGE: (1.0698)(19212) + 7193.9 = 27746.927746.9/57636 * 100 = 48.1%
Life Sigil
[(40 + 80^2 * 0.36) + 1787 * 1.1) * (1 + 1.003)] + [(3 * profession base health * 0.2 * (1+ 1.003)] =
SMALL: (1.2018)(11645) + 8632.3 = 22627.322627.3/34935 * 100 = 64.8%
MEDIUM: (1.2018)(15922) + 8632.3 = 27767.427767.4/47766 * 100 = 58.1%
LARGE: (1.2018)(19212) + 8632.3 = 31721.331721.3/57636 * 100 = 55%
[(40 + 80^2 * 0.36) + 1787 * 1.1) * (1 + 0.673)] + [(3 * profession base health * 0.2 * (1+ 0.673)] =
SMALL: (1.0038)(11645) + 7210.1 = 18899.418899.4/34935 * 100 = 54.1%
MEDIUM: (1.0038)(15922) + 7210.1 = 23192.623192.6/47766 * 100 = 48.6%
LARGE: (1.0038)(19212) + 7210.1 = 26495.126495.1/57636 * 100 = 46%
EXAMPLES FOR DIFFERENT HEALTH POLLS My commander is a Firebrand. My commander goes down and is afflicted with poison while in downstate. As long as I use MI before his downstate health reaches 43.7%, I can instantly resurrect him. My commander is a Warrior. My commander goes down. My commander is not poisoned. As long as I use MI before his downstate health reaches 42.9%, I can instantly resurrect him. My commander is a Mesmer. My commander goes down and is afflicted with poison while in downstate. As long as I use MI before his downstate health reaches 49.3%, I can instantly resurrect him. CONCLUSIONS How much does MI heal downed players for? It depends. Its effectiveness drops significantly without outgoing healing modifiers and when poison is involved. Based on a realistic situation in WvW (one player is poisoned), MI can restore about half a downed player's health. How much Healing Power is needed to guarantee a resurrection? There is not enough outgoing healing or healing power in the game to guarantee a resurrection with MI every time Firebrands should, obviously, use MI as soon as possible to secure resurrections. Benevolence Sigil is better than Life Sigil for MI. MI effectiveness drops significantly with less outgoing healing modifiers and whenever poison is involved. There is not enough outgoing healing or healing power in the game to guarantee a resurrection with MI every time.
There is a difference between a Firebrand and a Good Firebrand. Your playstyle can be very different in some certain situations. It depends on what is the amount of enemies you are fighting, what is the enemy (guild, blob, mix of both etc...) squad composition that you are fighting, how many you are and what your composition is. For example if you are running melee-heavy group, which is incredibely fun, but can be easily shut down by a range-heavy, you should focus on staying strictly on your tag and making your party be able to do the same. That can be very difficult, depending on your allies "skill“ level and your Commander's moves. So the ideal way to do this would be: close to tag, your party healthy, able to do what you are able to as a Minstrel Firebrand. If your squad composition is range oriented (a lot of Heralds, Weavers), if your Commander is decent, he is not going to yolopush, rather he will let your range create pressure and only secure downstates and push when its obvious your group won't have hard time sustaining. In that case, you should stay close to tag, but not too close in order to still support your party, thats obviously trying to create pressure. This makes the fight pretty boring for you, unless the enemy has a very strong melee ball and are able to push you (See: Melee-Ball and Pirate-Ship). But your overall playstyle should be focused on supporting your Commander and the people around it. Usually a good Firebrand on tag with one Herald and a mixture of other classes you have in your party (Scourges, Heal Scrappers, Spellbreakers etc) should be able to follow the tag without any major issues, if everything is executed correctly. THE GAMEPLAY Settings tips General Options select: - Thick Party Health Bars - Thick Squad Health Bars (optional, use it if you are already able to check on your party) - Always Show Party Health Bars - Always Show Squad Health Bars Squad Options de-select: - View as grid (deselecting this will show only your party boons and conditions which is what we want) Out of combat Stack swiftness for you and your party using Staff#3, Symbol of Swiftness. When you know you are not going to be fighting within 40 seconds, use your Courage Tome #1 and spam it on your party for around 45 seconds of Swiftness. Ask your Revenant to use his "stab road“ – Inspiring Reinforcement – and blast it with your staff#2, hammer#2 or focus#5. Same goes for any Lightning field such as Static Field from Elementalists. Pre-Engage You want to stick to your Commander, make sure everyone else in your party is able to start on the commander as well. Creating a tail of your group since the beggining of the fight is bad (it shows lack of coordination and discipline). Your commander usually asks for one more swiftness symbol and then asks for Empower – Staff#4. Not finishing the cast of Empower doesn't really matter as long as it makes you stay on tag. Engage In the beginning your Commander is going to call for Stab. (See: The calls) Hes refering to Stand Your Ground, make sure you use this skill before you or your party is able to get cc'd. Tooltip might say stunbreak, but its only personal stunbreak. Line of Warding (line): Use on commanders call, if you couldnt cast the line, dont be afraid to use it later on a cc call, or just call it yourself. Keep your Staff#2 on cooldown, use it as a healing spell, not to deal damage. It also has a blast finisher, using it on water fields will create area-healing and blasting light fields creates area-conditions-cleanse. Staff #3 on cooldown aswell, however this is mostly going to be used offensively for small pressure. Now its time for you to watch your party. Make sure you are using Party UI as stated above (not Squad Grid), so you can track the boons and conditions your allies have. Give them whatever they need. Your commander is in most cases going to call for certain Tomes, however that doesn't matter it is always his call, which should be your next tome popped. Courage Tome: For protection uptime, which is quite important, so it might be worth considering engaging on that tome and in many cases you will find yourself doing so. Drop your resistence field while moving, so your party is not being slowed by conditions on push, use your #5 – toughness before you start taking damage. Make your party stability uptime 100% by filling with #1 – Unflinching Charge. When going melee, use your #2 – Daring Challenge for small damage and taunt. While pirateshipping use #3 – Reflect to reflect projectiles back to enemies, this can be used on regroups aswell for some extra projectile hate. Resolve Tome: For the big heals it provides. To maintain decent ability to move, use your cleanses from #5 and #2. Use your #4 – Waterfield on regroups. If your allies are in danger of going downstate, do not hesitate to spam #1 until theyre safe again. Justice Tome: For extra cc and damage on re-engages, longer pushes. Do not stay in this tome for a long time though, because it is not a support tome. Aim your #3 – Pull on allied corrupt bombs, warrior bubbles or when engaging on enemies without stability. Healing Mantra: as a small heal, wait for the aegis heal proc before using another stack of the mantra. This should help you keep your party healthy. Mantra of Lore: cleansing mantra, it applies regen, and you should use it on allies if they do not have regeneration. Remember that cleansing cripple/chill is well worth, since most of the people playing the game currently are playing Power, so conditions do not do a lot of damage. The mantra should help you keeping your allies close to you as said before. Mantra of Liberation: use as a stab filler, mostly as a stunbreak for your party if they get stripped and have no stab and got CCd. So again, pay attention to your party. Merciful Intervention (MI): Use for very fast resses and aim to use it on resses. Selfcast MI if you are locked out of your tomes by an interrupt or youre just running out of cooldowns for a strong burst heal. When you got stripped and CCd to regroup with your party and commander. Stand your Ground (stab): Use on engage as said before, pay attention to not overlap too many stacks of stability at once. A guy with 1 stack of stability is in next second immune to the same amount of CC as the guy with 10 stacks. Mace #2: Use on regroups for regeneration uptiome. Mace #3 for protection and aegis uptime. Use these skills on cooldown, because theyre not that mandatory, however are very nice fillers. Same goes for Shield #4. Shield #5 is a bit different, You can use it as a on demand projectile destroyer as well as a quick filler heal – just doubletap 5. Axe #3: Use on melee engages for pulling into your corrupts or bubbles, or to catch an enemy without stab. Use Axe #2 and AA chain for some melee cleave. Aegis application: Because of Pure of Heart trait, our aegis heals. Theres no icd, only enemy attack cd. Try to make your party have aegis on all the engages and keep reapplying during the fight so your party gets healed by it. You can technically heal only by applying aegis, however practically its usually not enough. That doesnt mean you shouldnt learn correct aegis applying. Dodges: Selfless Daring is a trait that makes the end of our dodgeroll heal allies. Do not use dodgerolls only for personal defense, use it as well as a heal filler for your group. Invigorated Bulwark: 1 stack per block. This is incredibly easy to stack up. Easiest way to get stacks is correct aegis applying. Also use Mace #3 (it's bugged). Monk Runes uptime: So since Monk Runes are the go-to choice and the must have choice for the amount of healing it provides, heres a bit about keeping up the outgoing healing stacks. Granting a boon to allies gives you 1 stack. If you affect 5 people total, you get 5 per boon you apply. So Using most of the tome skills makes you keep the stacks up. However while out of tomes, selfcasting Symbol of Swiftness or Mace #2 helps a lot. You should aim to be at 10 stacks constantly and that, in my opinion, is very easy to achieve. I am going to repeat myself, but look at your party, give them what they need, help them stay on the tag and create pressure. Your main goal is to support, that doesnt mean you cannot play offensive. But since you are the support, you should keep supporting even while being offensive. What i mean is, wasting tome skills, because you want to add 1 Symbol for your melee push is just not worth. Make sure your party has stability, so they can drop damage. It can be pretty hard to drop a proper spike once you have no stability. Make sure your party is not affected by chill, simply because of cooldowns recovery. Even though Firebrand might feel a bit "fat/heavy/slow", it doesn't mean you have to play slow. Being fast saves lives, so does using your skills correctly.