About The Guild

Burn Vabbi [vB] is the new guild made by the old members of Bombing Here Bombing There [Ez] which are still active, with also fresh blood.
Just like [Ez] we have decided to continue supporting the website, updating the builds and promoting the most efficient setups of fighting WvW. We are focussed on open field fights and we aim to have a strong roster made of people that want to give a serious challenge against guilds and blobs.

In order to reach our goal we promote communication and teamplay between members.

The Spreadsheet

The sole purpose of this spreadsheet was to improve whichever server we are playing on by providing a select arsenal of builds, accompanied by tips and footage, which we feel would attribute to that cause. It is not meant as a general resource for builds for any WvW player, however, it was inevitable, due to the bi-monthly relinks that this spreadsheet would spread beyond its original purpose.

There are no missing builds, there are simply builds that I would like to be available to improve a server’s fighting quality. And you do not improve a server’s quality with niche builds like Reapers, heal Tempest, burning Dragonhunter, general ranger/thief/core class etc… You improve a server by getting people on Firebrands, Heralds, Scourges, Weavers etc. As such, certain viable builds are omitted and will most likely always only be available via backchannel or other resources – like Metabattle.

The current aim of this spreadsheet is to improve the servers it is advertised on, which may as well be the entirety of EU WvW. There might be changes on the stance regarding niche builds, but for the moment it will remain as is. Thank you for using our spreadsheet, thank you for trying to improve, thank you for helping improve your server, thank you for attributing to improving WvW’s quality overall and thank you for supporting us via various donations and the like.